10 DIY Cat Toys You Can Make at Home

10 DIY Cat Toys You Can Make at Home - Fun for Your Feline and Your Wallet

Get ready to ignite your cat's playtime with these 10 DIY cat toys that are easy to make and budget-friendly. From the upcycled cardboard scratcher to the catnip sock toy, these toys are sure to provide your furbaby with hours of entertainment. Not only will your cat have fun, but you'll also feel good about using sustainable materials and repurposing household items. So grab your crafting supplies and let's get started!

1. DIY Feather Wand

Cats love to chase and hunt, so wiggling around a feather wand give your cat the perfect opportunity to do just that. Creating your own feather wand is easy and affordable, and it's a fun project! To make it, you will need a wooden dowel, some string or ribbon, and some feathers. Simply tie the feathers to the end of the string or ribbon and attach it to the dowel. Your cat will be entertained for hours as they pounce and swat at the feathers. It's a great way to bond with your cat and provide them with the exercise and stimulation they need.

2. Homemade Catnip Toys: Easy and Affordable

Cats love catnip, and making your own homemade catnip toys is easy and affordable. Just sew a small pouch of fabric and stuff it with dried catnip. For added fun, you can also add a bell or feather to the toy. Another easy option is to make a catnip sock toy by filling an old sock with catnip and tying it off with a knot. Homemade catnip toys are worth it and can keep your fur child stimulated for hours! Plus, you'll have a blast making them.

3. Upcycled Cardboard Scratcher: A Sustainable Solution

Cat scratching posts can be expensive, but making your own upcycled cardboard scratcher is sustainable and easy on the pocket. For this, you'll need some cardboard, scissors, and glue. Simply cut the cardboard into strips, layer them together, and glue them in place. You can shape the scratcher into any form you like, such as a flat pad or a cylindrical post. Cats love to scratch and stretch, and a homemade scratcher makes a satisfying surface for your kitty to do so. Plus, you can feel good about reducing waste and repurposing materials. It's a win-win for you and your cuddly pet!

4. Knit a Cat Toy

If you're looking for a fun project to do for your cat, knitting a cat toy is a great option. So grab some yarn, knitting needles, and a pattern. There are many free patterns available online, ranging from simple balls to intricate mice. Not only is knitting a cat toy a fun way to spend time with your feline friend, but it also provides them with a soft and cuddly toy to play with. You can customize the toy to your cat's preferences, such as adding catnip or a bell. Plus, knitting is a relaxing hobby that can help reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your cat.

5. Bottle Cap Jingle Ball: A Simple Toy with Big Rewards

You don't need fancy materials to make a fun toy for your cat. A bottle cap jingle ball is a simple DIY toy that can provide your feline friend with hours of entertainment. All you need is a plastic bottle cap, some jingle bells, and glue. Simply glue the jingle bells inside the bottle cap and let it dry. The result is a lightweight and noisy ball that cats love to chase and bat around. This DIY toy is also a great way to repurpose materials that might otherwise end up in the trash. Don't underestimate the power of a simple toy to bring joy to your cat's life!

6. Fleece Pom-Pom Toy: Soft and Cuddly Fun

If you're looking for a soft and cuddly toy for your cat, a fleece pom-pom toy is a great option. For this, you'll need some fleece fabric, scissors, and a little bit of stuffing. Cut the fleece into strips and tie them together to create a pom-pom shape. Stuff the pom-pom with a little bit of stuffing and tie it closed. You can add some catnip to make the toy even more enticing for your cat. The fleece material is soft and gentle on your cat's paws, and the toy is lightweight and easy for them to carry around. This DIY toy is sure to become a favorite of your fur baby!
10 DIY Cat Toys You Can Make at Home

7. DIY Treat Dispenser: Keep Your Cat Entertained and Fed

With a DIY treat dispenser, you'll keep your cat both mentally stimulated and well-fed. Gather your materials: a small plastic container, such as a pill bottle, and some cat treats. Make a small hole in the container and fill it with treats. Your cat will have to work to get the treats out, which will be a stimulating and rewarding activity for them. You can also use a larger container and cut multiple holes for added challenge. This DIY toy can help keep your cat engaged and prevent boredom. Plus, it's a great way to ensure they're getting enough physical activity while snacking on their favorite treats.

8. Sisal Rope Teaser: Durable and Exciting

A sisal rope teaser is another great option for a durable and exciting DIY toy for your cat. All you need is a wooden dowel, some sisal rope, and a small bell or feather to attach to the end. Cut the sisal rope into a length that is suitable for your cat to play with, then wrap it tightly around the wooden dowel and secure it with glue. Attach a small bell or feather to the end of the rope and you've got a toy that will keep your cat entertained for hours. The sisal rope is durable and chew-resistant, making it a great option for cats who love to scratch and chew on their toys. The teaser is also great for bonding with your cat and encouraging exercise and play.

9. Paper Bag Hideaway

If you're looking for an affordable and fun DIY cat toy, a paper bag hideaway is perfect. Simply take a paper bag and cut a few holes in the sides for your cat to peek through. You can also scrunch up some paper inside the bag for your cat to bat around and play with. This makes for a fun and stimulating environment for your kitty to play and hide in, and the crinkly sound of the paper bag adds to the entertainment. Best of all, this DIY toy won't break the bank and you can recycle the paper bag when your cat is done playing with it.

10. Catnip Sock Toy: A Creative Way to Reuse Old Socks and Entertain Your Cat

If you have some old socks lying around, you can easily turn them into a fun and creative cat toy with some catnip and a few simple steps. Start by filling the sock with catnip, making sure to leave enough room for the sock to be tied closed. Then tie a knot in the sock and cut off any excess fabric. You can also add some extra embellishments, such as feathers or bells, to make the toy even more exciting for your cat. This DIY toy is not only a great way to reuse old socks, but it's also an affordable way to entertain your cat and encourage exercise and play.


There you have it, 10 DIY cat toys that can surely keep your feline buddy happy and fit. All of these are affordable and easy-to-make toys so that you can ensure a stimulating and fun environment for your fur baby while also reducing your environmental footprint. Plus, the joy of watching your cat play with something you made is priceless. So, whether you're looking to upcycle household items or get crafty with yarn and feathers, these toys are an excellent way to bond with your cat and have some fun in the process.
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