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Accordion Cat Toy | Best Cat Toy for Bored Cat

Accordion Cat Toy | Best Cat Toy for Bored Cat

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The cats have already begun playing with it. I bought two to put together to make a bigger version for my adult cats.  I am very pleased with the order.” - 5 Stars

“I am so surprised, this product is very interesting […] the product is very good and soft […] I have many pets at home, I hope to buy one for every cat I have.” - 5 Stars

“Cats love it” - 5 Stars


You love your kitty and would do anything for her! But when you get home tired, you don’t feel like running loops around the house to keep her entertained. If only there was a clever solution to this…

Look no further! This accordion stretchable toy will come to the rescue! Your kitty can pounce, hunt, and scratch this durable toy for as long as she fancies.

Reduce damage to your furniture and avoid your cat becoming bored while you are away with this unique cat toy. This went viral on IG and TikTok this year, so shop now & don't miss out!


  • Material: corrugated cardboard
  • Diameter: 9.4 in
  • Deformable
  • Comes with a ball

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