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Automatic Cat Toy | Ball Chaser Toy for Cats

Automatic Cat Toy | Ball Chaser Toy for Cats

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“It's perfect and simple to use. :) the battery lasts long and it turns off automatically when not in use.” - 5 Stars

“I highly recommend! All of my 3 cats love it. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and it’s still going strong.” - 5 Stars


Are you looking for an adorable toy that will give your cat a fun workout at home while you can go about your day? Or maybe you enjoy watching your cute, fluffy feline playing?

Then try this automatic chaser toy that will keep your kitty engaged and active!

Buy this PURRRFECT gift for your beloved pet.

Diameter: 1.89" / 4.8 cm. Charges via USB.

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